What does a feminist media do?

A feminist newspaper is a tricky concept, once you try to define it completely, you destroy an important part of it. So, instead of defining, let us tell you what our feminist newspaper has been about so far:

Politically Corret” (a play on words in Hebrew) was founded in 2012 in the back room of Café Albi in south Tel Aviv. 40 women responded to one activist’s Facebook call to come and create a feminist newspaper. After that meeting, several other meetings were held all over Israel. During these meetings, the idea of a feminist news organization started to form and change. 

Every woman that attended those early meetings contributed new ideas, wishes, critiques, and dreams. We all had one thing in common: we all felt there was a need for a new form of journalism, a new organization that would be better able to reflect the reality we experienced as women. 

The one conclusion we were able to reach was that a feminist news organization had to be obligated to feminist principles not just in the content it created, but also in the way we created the news. Our feminism is centered on dismantling hierarchies of any kind and that means imagining a news organization where there is no hierarchical separation between journalists, readers, writers, editors, and publishers. We wanted a news organization where any woman who wanted to take part, could. 

Today, “Politically Corret” is the biggest feminist news organization in Israel, creating and promoting feminist content written by a diverse and growing community of women. Our stories reach hundreds of thousands of men and women in Israel and all over the world every day. 

Over the years we have drastically changed the media conversation in Israel, bringing women to the forefront of the conversation, explaining how to cover stories about gendered violence and explaining the importance of having different women in key positions to create wide-ranging and unbiased news coverage. We criticized stereotypical representations of women, created in-depth investigative reports that led to policy changes and made it all the way to the Knesset and above all else, created a strong community that is the backbone of our organization. 

We invite you to join the conversation, read, write, comment and if you can – support us so that we can continue to grow and bring more consistent change to our media coverage and the world. 

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