Testimonies Emerge of Systematic Offensive Patterns by Television Star Erez Drigues

Following a recent Facebook post made by journalist Ofir Sgerski, many more stories are coming to light, pointing to systematic abuse of women in and outside the world of theatre, by esteemed Rehearsals actor and director Erez Drigues. A The Readeress investigation.

June 2021 | מערכת פוליטיקלי קוראת | 13 דקות

“Our broken system was exposed”: What really happened in Ayia Napa

On the morning of Monday, January 6th, in the departures lounge in Ben Gurion airport, I asked Professor Ruhama Weiss why she’s going to Cyprus, and what she expects will happen during the trial. “We’ll meet a group of Cypriot women there, together – Israeli and Cypriot women will unite against the narratives of their […]

January 2020 | נועה בורשטיין חדד | 15 דקות