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The Secret Trump Card: White Men

Despite outrageous remarks, Donald Trump still retains a wide and loyal base of supporters. What’s his secret, and who are these sure voters? A feminist perspective on the US election.

March 2021 | ארנה רז | 4 דקות

The Non-Monolithic Latinx Vote

Ahead of the 2020 election, the Latinx vote remained intriguing and unexpected. Orna Raz writes about the intricacy of the most complex, sophisticated, and perhaps most important electorate in US politics

March 2021 | ארנה רז | 3 דקות

Trump and the Suburbs: 1950 Called

Last July, in a desperate attempt to create a lead, Trump addressed suburban women directly, in the same way Nixon did in the 1960: a threat to their homes. But his threats lost contact not only with reality, but also with voters. A feminist perspective on the US presidential election.

| ארנה רז | 3 דקות