Where does the money go?

The foundation of politically Corret’s work is the attempt to create an independent media organization that belongs to its public. This demands that we conduct ourselves in the most transparent way possible. Here is our attempt to do so which details the source of our funding so far and where it has been invested:

Current annual budget: 250,000 NIS

“Politically Corret” believes that a feminist newspaper must be based in feminist work practices. According to our understanding, a feminist view of the world wishes to dismantle hierarchies, such as the ones that exist between managerial and editorial roles for example. That is why all of our permanent roles are paid the same, according to the time they invest in “Politically Corret”.

Currently, our CEO, Social Media Editor and Editor in Chief of our website all make the same wage, on average: 4000 NIS per month

Our paid positions allow us to grow and bring more and more articles, news stories, columns, etc. A lot of these are written on a volunteer basis and donated to us, or are a product of the writing seminars we hold, or of a joint thinking process with our paid positions and are then donated to our website. However, some of our bigger articles and investigative reports are paid for and we are writing our rates here. In order to be transparent but also in order to end the silence around this issue in media, which usually harms women. 

Our monthly content budget is around 5000 NIS

For in-depth investigative reports, we pay between 500-900 NIS

For short articles and columns, we pay between 150-200 NIS

For bigger articles, photos and illustrations, we pay between 300-500 NIS

The differences depend on the amount of work each article requires.

Additional expenses:

Building our website: about 20,000 NIS

Commission on all credit card transactions: about 5%

Other expenses include our CPA, event production, graphics for special promotions, Facebook advertising and more: 10,000-15,000 NIS a year.

Who are our backers?

Towards the end of 2018 we fundraised 264,450 NIS from 1982 supporters, readers and writers. That sum was the engine behind our ability to register as an NGO, build a new website and create our editorial paid team.

During the past year we have raised additional funds from several sources:

The Tzadik Foundation | 2018 | 10,000 $

The Tzadik Foundation | 2019 | 8,000 $

Women Change grant | 2018 | 11,000 NIS

The Dafna Fund | 2018 | 7,000 NIS

Additional Income:

Lectures and seminars: 20,000-30,000 NIS a year


In order for us to keep growing and remain dependent mostly on you, our readers and supporters, we need you to, once again, show tour support through a monthly donation.

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