We offer lectures, workshops and classes for students of different ages, in which we teach children, adults, men and women, how to tell their story using social media and how to make their voices heard. Our lectures range from discussing the importance of the inclusion of different voices in every conversation to the importance of social media to modern activism. Our workshops and classes help implement necessary skills such as story-telling, basic journalistic research and more.


We offer different 45-90-minute lectures delivered by one of our long-time members about various subjects, such as:

  • Breakthrough journalism in the era of social media: How to use social media in order to tell personal stories and why our stories are so important.
  • Community-based journalism: How does a community come together? What is the advantage of community-based news? How can we tell our story together? 
  • Feminist media: What is feminist media and why is it important to have a critical stance regarding the news we encounter? We talk about how “The Readeress” was founded and how to create new initiatives based on creativity and social vision.  


We offer workshops consisting of two 90-minute meetings that include short lectures and practical skill building in various areas, such as:  

  • Story-telling: How to tell your story and why?
  • Social Media Strategies for Change: We teach the basics of social media strategy and how NGO’s and organizations promoting social change can better use social media in order to create communities, raise awareness and promote their issues. 
  • Crowd-funding: We offer a workshop that focuses on explaining how best to approach crowd-funding campaigns, the basic do’s and don’ts that every organization must know before embarking on one, tips for deciding when, how and where to hold such online campaigns and much more.  

For further information please contact us at: maya@politicallycorret.co.il

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