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“Politically Corret” is the only independent-feminist media organization in Israel. For that reason, our newspaper has become the exclusive home for voices that have been silenced for years. In order to continue our work in changing the journalistic discourse in Israel –  we need you.

Since 2012, “Politically Corret” has been leading a revolution in Israeli media. Our constant and uncompromising presence in the media has helped bring women’s stories to the forefront, promoting women journalists who are still less than 30% of all journalists, critiquing other media organizations for promoting gender stereotypes and showcasing the importance of stories centered around women and featuring a feminist point of view. 

Our amazing growth on social media, alongside our in-depth coverage of feminist issues, has led to a meaningful and impactful change in all media in Israel. Thanks to our readers, writers, and editors, we have shown that stories about women are important, meaningful and have an audience. We also demonstrated that stories promoting gender stereotypes, rape culture, and victim-blaming will not be tolerated.  The mainstream media in Israel has begun to follow in our footsteps. Yet, the change we are beginning to see is due to our continued scrutiny and will not go on without us leading the way with a clear and uncompromising feminist agenda, will not continue without Politically Corret. 

In order to do that, as always, we need you. 

We have always aspired to be a free and independent news organization, beholden to no one but feminists all over the world, those who lead activist struggles and those who support and are interested in a feminist agenda. 

For us to remain committed to you first and foremost, we are asking for your continued support. A monthly donation of 5 Dollars (or more, if you can spare it) will help us to keep growing, bringing you more feminist news from around the world and standing up to those who would see us silenced.

Our content will always remain free and available to all those who need it because we believe that reading the news is a basic right, not a privilege. If you believe in our cause, please support us today.

Let’s keep changing the world together, 

The “Politically Corret” editorial board