“Our broken system was exposed”: What really happened in Ayia Napa

On the morning of Monday, January 6th, in the departures lounge in Ben Gurion airport, I asked Professor Ruhama Weiss why she’s going to Cyprus, and what she expects will happen during the trial. “We’ll meet a group of Cypriot women there, together – Israeli and Cypriot women will unite against the narratives of their […]

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The Yemenite, Balkan and Eastern Babies Affair – The Demon Haunting Israeli Feminism

Written by Naama Katiee, a mizrahi* feminist, active in “Amram” translated by: Inbal Ketzef *jews originating in Arab/Muslim countries “It was already eight o’clock, when 3 people suddenly appeared – two women and one man. The man was bald and had a long beard. The two women were maybe 40-45 years old. They came. Talked […]

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Feminism in Israel This Week

Feminism in Israel – Weekly Roundup

January 19th 2018 By the P.See Team Rape Survivor Denied Early Release for Killing His Rapist Yonatan Haylu, an young Israeli man of Ethiopian descent was raped twice by the same man, and in order to avoid further abuse, Haylu killed his aggressor. Haylu was tried for murder and the court did not recognize his […]

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