The Battle for the Doorknob

Kefar Aza's story

over seventy people were murdered in Kefar Aza. On Saturday morning there was supposed to be a festival there and the kibbutz was full

נובמבר 2023 | נועה בורשטיין חדד | 7 דקות

The Life That Is No More

הסיפור של נתיב העשרה

With no vest or helmet, and with a lot of courage, during the war, Hila tells the story of what happened in Netiv Ha’asara .

| מערכת פוליטיקלי | 6 דקות

Pain Can Coexist

In these unbearably difficult times, Sapir Sluzker Amran is fighting for the human sentiment. Because pain can coexist -we do not need to choose between hurting for any side of the Gaza fence

נובמבר 2023 | כתבת אורחת | 4 דקות

Human Tapestry

The Story of Kibbutz Beeri

As time goes by, the world's denial of the October 7th massacre is increasing. But in fact – the massacre really did happen. A conversation with a ZAKA ma, telling the story of Kibbutz Bari by the houses and the destruction in Kibbutz Bari

נובמבר 2023 | לירון כהן | 8 דקות

نحن الفلسطينيون سفكنا هذا الدم

حول الخطاب الوطني الفلسطيني والتحرر الوطني الحقيقي

إن التحرير الوطني لي ولبنات وأبناء شعبي لا يشمل سيارة جيب تجوب شوارع غزة مسرعة وعلى مقدمتها امرأة يهودية نصف عارية!

נובמבר 2023 | ראג׳אא נאטור | 4 דקות

We, the Palestinians, have shed this blood

Our national liberation will never be through Israeli blood

Hamas creates killing machines, under the auspices of Palestinian national rhetoric.

נובמבר 2023 | ראג׳אא נאטור | 5 דקות

I Need to Have this Conversation with You

Left Moroccan Talks #3

The global left turns its back on the Israeli left, These are the feelings I experienced from the Israeli left. So we have to talk

נובמבר 2023 | לירון כהן | 10 דקות

El Golpe de la Comunidad Argentina

"Secuestro" a través de los ojos que lo experimentaron y su cruel significado

El término "secuestrado" remite a los miembros de la comunidad argentina, muchos de ellos residentes del sur, a la difícil historia del país y a la ansiedad por el futuro.

אוקטובר 2023 | מריאלה יאבו | 4 דקות