Arab and Jewish women refuse to be enemies

Arab and Jewish women refuse to be enemies

Arab and Jewish women refuse to be enemies.  July 2014 in the beginning of the war in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, I participated in a rally in the Arab town of Tira. it was advertized on Facebook and the announcement read: “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies”. We gathered, about 1000 participants, Jews and […]

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Ruth Avraham

Translated by: Keren Carmi Ruth Abraham was born in 1913 in the town of Lubau in West Prussia, which was then a part of Germany. Ruth was the youngest of seven siblings, her mother passing away when she was 10 months old. She speaks of a happy childhood, growing up in a large house surrounded […]

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Esther Bank

Translated by: Keren Carmi Esther was born in Berlin on 28-July-1934. Her parents, Meir and Bina, were Polish-born and lived in Berlin. They were in the business of fur wholesale. They had lived in Berlin for five years and so lost their polish citizenship. In 1938 Ester could not start kindergarten as the Nazi regime […]

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Esther (Magda) Unger

Translated by: Keren Carmi Esther (Magda) Unger was born in 1928 in a small village in Hungary, 35 km from the city of Debrecen. In 1944, when Esther was 16, Hungary was conquered by the Germans. During that time, Esther’s father was taken for forced labor and passed away. Two months after that, Esther was […]

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Esther Gruber (Beizer)

The stories were collected by Ronni Levy, Tifara Betzalel and Noga Raban Translated by: Tal Horowitz Esther (Biba) Beizer was born in 1925 to Leah Beizer, born in 1892, and Mordechai (Motel) Beizer, born in 1889. Esther was the middle child, Joseph’s little sister and Moshe’s older sister. The family lived in a village called […]

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The Yemenite, Balkan and Eastern Babies Affair – The Demon Haunting Israeli Feminism

Written by Naama Katiee, a mizrahi* feminist, active in “Amram” translated by: Inbal Ketzef *jews originating in Arab/Muslim countries “It was already eight o’clock, when 3 people suddenly appeared – two women and one man. The man was bald and had a long beard. The two women were maybe 40-45 years old. They came. Talked […]

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Women Need Power, Not Empowerment

by Ya’ara Cohen Empower — to promote the self-actualization or influence of (merriam webster) If you’re living in the 21st century you must have heard about women’s empowerment. If you are a woman, you’ve probably been invited to an event or received an article on this topic. Those invitations or articles were probably full of other superlatives […]

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